An Adventurous Ride… glad it’s not my last (part 1)

One of my tips in the iphone/ipod touch/ipad/Android APP, that I wrote and developed called, “101 Tips, Advice, Suggestions, & Motivation to Get In Shape” was about MAKING FITNESS FUN!! So today’s goofy Jmiah story is about doing just that! 🙂


Well, I’ve been to the gym, I’ve ran 5k’s, 10k’s, played football, soccer and many other sports growing up. However, of ALL the athletic things I’ve done, I think i’ve found the most EXCITING outdoor exercise… mountain bike trail riding! I freaking LUV IT! WHY? Well, let me first tell you why the others dont compare.

1) I played football and soccer in high school and college… simply loved them both, but as an adult you just cant do that every day for a regular routine workout. Well, I cant anyway lol

2) Going to the gym to work out is good for you. I do it frequently because my body needs that type of training to keep my muscles looking YOUNG and VIBRANT! 😉

3) Running on a treadmill… mmm NOT gonna do that because… well I guess my A.D.D. wont tolerate me running 30-60 minutes on some stationary device that will only make me MORE bored as I run! But believe me, I’ve had my fair share of it. lol

4) Running out doors… now if it’s on a road, all by myself, then #2 (above) applies to this too. lol Running 100 yard SPRINT drills is a little more fun to me because I can do it fast as possible and Im DONE after so many sets. Now running trails is a little more exciting to me and I’ll tell you why.

5) All of those above are good for you, healthy and fun… for many people, but ME on the other hand… In the past 5-6 months, I have fallen in LOVE with Mountain Bike Trail Riding! Why? Because… it’s pure adrenaline the entire time! It’s like POD-Racing from Star Wars! It’s like going to Disney World every time you do it!! It’s an amazing cardiovascular workout pumping those pedals to keep you going strong until you reach the end of the route! Once you’re in, you’re in until you finish! I LOVE IT! It’s so un-predictable, and you HAVE to pay attention the entire time or you can fall and bust your tail like I did today!

YES… today I ate the DUST! I was trailing right behind my friend Gene trying to catch up to him after stopping to see some deer that i rode up to and didnt even know it. NOW that was cool in itself!! Think about getting away from the city life, getting into the woods and just riding bikes like a bunch of 9 year olds! I freakin luv it! haha ANYHOW… so i ride up to these 2 baby deer and i was just flabbergasted by being so close to them. They were cute! ANYHOW, Gene passes me and Im like crap! So I start pedaling hard to catch up… hit a few swoops and turns then come up to 2 rolling hills that you have to pay attention as you ride over them. I hit the first one over and down pretty easy. Then the next one came super fast and I went over the hill, caught a little air, then as my front tire lands, it slides. Like an IDIOT, my left hand pulls the front brakes, my bike stops and I flip over completely. I land in the ditch across the trail, I quickly look up and here comes the bike landing ON ME!! Now, reading this, you might be seeing it in slow motion, but OMG!!!! THIS JUNK HAPPENED IN A SPLIT SECOND! haha It was AWESOME though!!

Fallen and I totally couldnt get up... yet LOL

I laid there with my eyes closed… thinking over my entire body. First, i think, “Do I have feeling in my hands? My arms? My legs? My feet? My core? Everything seemed to feel ok, so i opened my eyes and had this bike pinning me down like a pro wrestler in a national championship match. I’m laying on my left arm, so I start moving it so i can see my arm band which has my iphone to call Gene. RING! RING! Gene answers, and I say, “Dude, Im down. Come back.” He says, “Are you alright?” I said, “Yeah, I think so” as I start laughing being a little delusional from the fall. I hang up the phone and just lay there until he gets there shocked and perplexed to see me being violated by my mountain bike. It was more like Broke Bike Mountain! HA! Anyhow, so Gene helps me up… he’s taking pictures of it all as I explained what happened. I was banged up and bruised, but all in all.. it was a good fall!

Time for a NEW one! hehe

Yup, banged em up!

Tore my gloves?!!

So we keep riding and another mile in… my back tire goes flat! BRAND NEW TIRE ADN TUBE!! I couldnt believe it! We were a total of 3 miles in, so we decided to turn and go back the way we came. It was fun passing all the people looking at me like, “Dang! Dude what happened to you?!” But as we got about half a mile from the trail entrance, I rolled right up to those SAME TWO LITTLE DEER!! It was kinda relaxing and refreshing to see those little baby deer again. Such a CRAZY adventurous ride, but also peaceful at the same time seeing those deer.

NOW… with that long crazy story of my fun filled day, I have to tell you this. I LOVE MOUNTAIN BIKE TRAIL RIDING and as long as i can, I will ride for the rest of my life. I’ve found my “thing”, I’ve found something ACTIVE that i can do for the rest of my life and have pure FUN… and be safe of course! 😉

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